The contractor for the Medicare program is called National Government Services Medicare (NGS Medicare). This company has been supplying medical services to CMS Medicare since 1966.


Aside from the states where NGS Medicare administers Medicare Part A, they also cover Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin. In addition to eligibility questions, NGSConnect completes many transactions related to Medicare each day. NGSConnex also lets you save and print information for your records. For example, providers usually follow a standard intake process to verify Medicare beneficiary eligibility.

If you want, you can print the eligibility information or manually enter the data into your records by placing it into NGSConnex, or you can electronically record the data.

About NGSConnex

The National Government Services Connector (NGSConnex) is a free and secure web application designed especially for the people. NGSConnex provides users with self-service functionality that saves time and money for them.

Benefits Of NGSConnex

  • One can obtain beneficiary eligibility information.
  • You can Query for the status of your claims.
  • One can Initiate and check the status of redetermination and reopening requests.
  • You can View your provider demographic information.
  • One can Query for their financial data.
  • You can submit documents for an Additional Documentation Request.
  • You can submit Credit Balance Reports.

Why Use NGSConnex?

NGSConnex completes thousands of eligibility-related inquiries and other Medicare transactions every day. If you become a registered NGSConnex user, you will receive instant access to detailed Medicare claim information and be able to perform secure Medicare transactions, saving you time and money!

It is no longer necessary to tie up your phone line, as NGSConnex offers the same eligibility and claim status information you formerly could only obtain via the IVR system. If you are unsuccessful in getting the MBI from the NGSMedicare Beneficiary, you can use the MBI Lookup tool available only from NGSConnex.


Utilizing NGSConnex allows you to save time and money when responding to Medical Review Additional Documentation Requests. It does not matter if postage is lost in the mail, your reply doesn’t arrive in time, or gets lost in the mail. It’s simple to upload your documents and submit them. When you use NGSConnex to respond to ADRs, you can also generate an electronic record of the documentation presented and when the response was sent.

Email Verification 

NGSConnex will display the Email Verification screen when you log in for the first time. The email associated with NGSConnex user profiles is required to be validated. All NGSConnex users are required to complete this one-time verification.

To create an account, go to NGSConnex.

  1. Read the standard disclaimer and click I Agree to continue.
  2. Click the New User Link on the User Login screen.
  3. Read the Online Services & Web Confidentiality Agreements and click on the check box at the end that reads, “I have read and understood the above statements.” then click I Agree to continue.
  4. Complete the required fields on the Account, Individual, and Business information screens in the Personal Information panel.

You can receive your User ID or Password via NGSConnex if you have forgotten either. On the login screen, select the Forgot User ID or Forgot Password.